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Orange County Corporate and Life Story Videography

Orange County Video is a subsidiary of award-winning filmmaking studio Godfather Films. We proudly provide corporate business films and life story videography services in Orange County, California. Our founder, John Goolsby, is an author, video communication professor and lecturer on the science and art of filmmaking. This uniquely positions us for excellence for both business and life story videography clients. Our professional storytellers focus on visually capturing and delivering your corporate message or celebration.

Corporate & Business Videography

The purpose of a corporate film is to persuade decision makers to take action through a clear visual representation of who you are and what you do. Research shows that decision makers are 600 times more likely to comprehend your message when it is presented in video format, but the video must be clear and on-point.

We begin by identifying your target market and the concrete action you want film watchers to take. We will determine the mood you want to evoke and list the major features and benefits of your company’s product or service. We will then prioritize these elements to include those that most closely match your message and target action. We can provide scriptwriters, a film crew, aerial cinematographers, makeup artists and actors along with post-production services. Throughout the filmmaking journey, we will continue to hone your message, carefully crafting a film that will motivate your audience to take the desired action.

We provide professional narration services, please visit http://godfatherfilms.narratemyscript.com to choose your professional voiceover talent.

Life Stories & Wedding Video

Memories of celebrations with family and friends are among most people’s prized possessions. From bar mitzvahs to weddings, and from quinceañeras to wedding anniversaries, friends and loved ones gather to create lasting memories.

Yet the celebrant experiences only about 10 percent of the full celebration, and people remember only about 10 percent of the things they experience. That means that they will remember about one percent, and those memories will fade over time. At Orange County Video, we consider ourselves time travel experts because we capture the real experience, allowing you to relive the adventure and share with future generations of family and friends.